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About us


Our journey started back in 2002. We started in Romania and slowly expanded towards EU country’s specialising in VAT accounting and TAX consulting.

We slowly expanded to complete business solutions. Covering salaries, consulting, billing etc. We now service over 700 clients worldwide and have Offices present in 3 countries.

We focus on salary managing, accounting, tax regulations, VAT consulting and managing, business consulting, transaction managing, and administration. With a network of professional staff here and abroad, we will bring you a level of sophistication that has no competition.

Get in touch with us on our number 07394 464 613 and our consultants will be glad to give you free advice and send you an offer.

Join our story, and let’s build your business together. Expand and grow without worrying about your finances and administration. Do as you began and stay happy.

Our Board

Razvan Ion

Branch Manager

Oana Mihaela Ion


Gabriela Chipisinov

Senior Accountanting Manager