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IPA Group is an accounting firm located in Herne Bay, Kent, UK, with a fascinating journey that started in 2002 in Romania. The company's specialisation in VAT accounting and tax consulting helped it grow and expand its services to complete business solutions such as salaries, consulting, and billing.

IPA Group provides services to clients worldwide, primarily focusing on salary management, accounting, tax regulations, VAT consulting and managing, business consulting, transaction managing, and administration.

IPA Group's network of professional staff provides a high level of sophistication and expertise to help clients build their businesses without worrying about finances and administration. In addition, the firm offers free advice and quotes, and its consultants are always available to assist potential clients.

Join IPA Group's story and build your business with their support. Let the experts handle your finances and administration while you focus on expanding and growing your business. Contact IPA Group on 07394464613, our consultants will gladly assist you.

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You can always visit us at our HQ; we have a friendly staff and a mean cup of coffee.