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Company Secretarial Services

Having set up a limited company, you are obliged to observe several rigorous statutory duties and carry them out to the letter; the company secretary does this. The paperwork generated by the company secretary being legal means there is little room for error, which is why so many businesses (wisely) delegate the company secretarial tasks to an accountant.

Company Secretarial Services


IPA GROUP LTD can act as company secretary on your behalf, or we can offer any of the services listed below, which form part of company secretarial obligations:

Provide a registered office address (on the statutory register as well as receiving statutory mail)

Carry out company searches

File annual returns

Act and respond as Company Secretary

Advise on general company law

Advise on protection of minority interests

Maintain statutory registers

Submit all statutory documents

Send out notices of general meetings

Draft agendas for company meetings

Record, prepare, and distribute the minutes of meetings

Complete share transfer forms

Prepare and issue share certificates

Company secretarial

We offer complete start-up business planning services and an accountancy package that ensures all businesses meet their statutory duties. At the same time can take full advantage of their limited company status, including tax reliefs and tax breaks, research and development incentives, and much, much more.

However, to take advantage of your limited company status, you must ensure that you run your business to the letter legally and that all your books and accounts are up to scrutiny. This is why company secretarial is one of many valuable services we offer as part of our comprehensive suite of services for businesses.

For more information about our Company Secretarial services, call 07394 464 613 or email office@ionpartnersaccountant.co.uk