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Managed Payroll – Outsourcing Payroll Services


IPA GROUP LTD experienced tax advisers and accountants help entrepreneurs keep track of expenses with easy payroll management solutions, calculate all the numbers related to tax deductions and enjoy more time to grow their business.

Payroll software helps track all the data and procedures involved in the payroll process. Online solutions combined with the help of experienced business accountants make salary payments easier to process and monitor

We assist with all payroll matters, including Employer PAYE registration, running of weekly or monthly payroll including tax and national insurance calculations and production of payslips, P45, P60 together with all year-end filing requirements.

These are just some among the tasks our payroll management services include:

Paychecks preparation

Employee Pay

Payroll taxes calculation

Payroll reports

Employee tax documents printing and filing

We prepare VAT Returns and file them online with HMRC thus saving you the administrative burden and hassle of managing VAT returns.

For queries about our payroll service call 07394 464 613 or email office@ionpartnersaccountant.co.uk