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June 6, 2024
Directors and National Insurance
Directors are classed as employees and are required to pay National Insurance on their annual income from salary and bonuses that exceed the Primary Threshold. For […]
April 9, 2024
Tax-Free Mileage Expenses: A Guide to Claiming Mileage Allowance in 2024-25
Understanding Tax-Free Mileage Expenses and Mileage Allowance Payments (MAP) If you use your own vehicle for business journeys you may be able to claim a tax-free allowance […]
February 21, 2024
What are Class 1A National Insurance Contributions (NICs)?
Class 1A National Insurance Contributions (NICs) represent a specific financial obligation primarily shouldered by employers. These contributions are levied on a wide range of non-cash benefits […]
January 28, 2024
Tax Relief for Working from Home: A Comprehensive Guide
Understanding Tax relief for working from home Remote working has become increasingly common, and with it, the importance of understanding tax relief for home-based employees has […]
December 14, 2023
HMRC’s Time to Pay Arrangement: A Guide to Managing Your Tax Payments
Understanding HMRC’s Time to Pay Arrangement As the 31 January 2024 tax payment deadline approaches, it’s crucial to understand the options available if you’re receiving difficulties […]
September 25, 2023
Capital Allowances and Integral Features in Business Asset Repairs
Capital Allowances: Bridging the Gap between Business Assets and Tax Relief When businesses invest in capital equipment, from vehicles and computer systems to machinery, the rules […]
September 16, 2023
Your Ultimate Guide to Checking Your National Insurance Record
All you need to know about the National Insurance Record In today’s fast-paced digital age, seamless access to your financial records is necessary. HMRC’s online service […]
September 16, 2023
Company Car Tax and Fuel Benefit Charge
In the evolving landscape of tax obligations concerning company cars, understanding the nuances of calculating the tax on company cars and adhering to the statutory requirements […]
September 10, 2023
How to close a limited company
Deciding to close your limited company is a substantial step. You must adhere to the necessary legal procedures to close it properly, whether due to a […]